AGPtek® HD Game Capture HD video capture 1080P HDMI/YPBPR Recorder for Xbox 360&One/ PS3 PS4 - The HDMI pass-through function guarantees smooth HD gaming

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Interface: USB 2.0 Flash disk/hard disk(exFAT format is not supported)

Game Consoles
-HDMI: WiiU, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS4
-Component: Wii, Xbox 360, PS3
1.If you want to record voice outside the video, you need to add a recording mic, and make sure your game console itself has come with Component/YPBPR Input already. (No voice outside the video support via “HDMI input”)
2.By using HDMI input, you need to pick up a 1*2 HDMI splitter or HDMI TO HDMI Converter to decode HDCP.(Used on PS4 with firmware 1.7 or later, only need- Go settings—System disable “Enable HDCP” option.)
3.Support HD 25-30fps only via HDMI input. If you are applying YPBPR input,it will record standard image
4.Please confirm source device is 1080p if you intend to get 1080p record.Cannot support 4k

Hardware Extra
Codec: Hardware MPEG4 encoder
User Interface: On-board Hot Button for one-click recording / streaming, LED indicator for working sratus.

-Input Resolution / Pass-through: 720×480(60p),720×576(50p), 1280x720p(50p), 1280x720p(60p), 1920×1080(50i), 1920×1080(60i), 1920×1080(24p), 1920×1080(25p), 1920×1080(30p), 1920×1080(50p), 1920×1080(60p)
– Capture Resolution: 720×480(60p), 720×576(50p), 1280x720p(50p), 1280x720p(60p), 1920×1080(50i), 1920×1080(60i), 1920×1080(24p), 1920×1080(25p), 1920×1080(30p), 1920×1080(25p), 1920×1080(30p)
Record Format: Video/AVI MPEG4, Audio/AAC Stereo
Record Quality: Max 18Mbps@1080P 30fps
Record File: Max 2GB/per file
Record Place: Max 140MB/minute, 8.4GB/hour
Power Supply: DC 5V 2A

Package Contents:
1x 1080P HDMI/YPbPr Recorder;
1x Component video audio connection cable;
1x HDMI cable ;
1x Power supply;
1x Manual;
1x Video editing software CD.

  • Simple use: Just click RECORD button to record your gameplay, and re-click to stop recording.
  • Only insert USB Flash disk to get the record anywhere, anytime. No PC enquired.
  • Bring it out of your room and share the gameplay and fun with your friends anywhere.
  • With 1080P HDMI by through, you can play HD gameplay when you’re recording it.
  • With extral audio input, allows you record your own live voice from microphone with gameplay video together. Not for streaming available.

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