Who we are

Who we are

Uncommondeal is a global free online portal for buying, selling, renting and many more. Our platform covers great range of categories in which individuals and businesses can place advertisements and/or search for items to buy.

Our vision is to connect buyers and sellers together quicker in a simple manner – this is the reason why we pride our-self differently from others.

Our trading portal in different countries that we cover has various categories that users can list their item(s) to sell or services that they offer prospective buyers and/or service users.

In addition to creating a platform for buyers and sellers to trade, we also provide a platform for individuals, organisations, businesses, marketers, websites owners and publishers to make money through our Affiliate Program which is one of the best affiliate platform around.

Click Countries to view the list of all the countries that uncommondeal.com covers. Visiting individual countries platform of uncommondeal website will give you access to all the available categories in that country.

To contact us, please use our contact us form provided.